A mug specially designed for the hot chocolate drinking ceremony. Hug it in both hands to create the ultimate experience of coziness, warmth and fragrance.
Create your own personal waffle experience. Feast on Belgian waffles topped with fresh fruit and vanilla ice cream and drizzled with your choice of pure melted milk or dark chocolate.
Inspired by Alice in Wonderland - a story of everlasting fantasy - the cup enhances the fantasy aspect of the chocolate drinking ceremony.
Perfect for sharing, our iconic chocolate pizza is covered in melted chocolate and topped with toasted marshmallows and your choice of crunchy caramelized nuts or fresh bananas.
Chocolate, like our body, would burn in a naked flame and become stiff and unyielding to the cold. But we all melt into a soft, sensual hug at the body's touch.
From bonbons to caramelized nuts and creamy praline cubes, savour our countless chocolate creations. Perfect for gifting or keeping all to yourself.
Our chocolate souffle - with its melting chocolate heart - is best enjoyed with fresh strawberries and creamy vanilla ice cream.
Suckao is a dense shot of rich hot chocolate. It combines two important elements: Suck - to draw the dense liquid through the metal straw - and Kakao - the Spanish word for cocoa beans from which the pure chocolate drink is made.
Warm crepes filled with fresh bananas and rich hazelnut praline. Served with creamy vanilla ice cream and drizzled with pure melted chocolate.
Our Kangaroo Cup was specially designed for our cappuccino and honours the close, long-lasting relationship between coffee and chocolate. Lick the chocolate from the pocket to keep your inner child alive forever.
Vanilla ice cream bars dipped in pots of melting chocolate, spectacular sundaes piled high with toppings. Our ice cream is meant to be savoured slowly and passionately. Enjoy it to the Max.