App Terms and Conditions

The Program (defined below) is operated and managed by Max Brenner Australia Pty Ltd ABN 281 020 918 32 of 15-21 Doody St, Alexandria NSW. 

By providing your details, verifying your unique email address and mobile phone number, using your Max Brenner Loyalty Card/App (defined below), downloading and/or using a compatible application, you agree to these Terms and Conditions. 

The Max Brenner Loyalty Program (Program) provides its members with benefits, including Cocoa Beans (Loyalty Points), and is available in all Max Brenner Australia Chocolate Cafés, on all orders placed via the Max Brenner App (defined below) or through Online Ordering (Max Brenner Online Ordering Platform) on excluding purchases made from the Max Brenner Australia Online retail store and third-party aggregate partners such as UberEats, Deliveroo, Menulog, DoorDash and Google Food Ordering. 

Individuals can become Max Brenner Loyalty Program Members (Members) by either: 

  1. Downloading the Max Brenner mobile application (App) for compatible smart phones and devices (iOS & Android) and following the prompts to register and activate the App; 
  2. Registering as a member on our website ( 
  3. Making an eligible purchase using a Max Loyalty Card, and registering the card with their details on our website ( or App. 

Once an individual has registered their name, email address and mobile phone number via the App or Website, they must verify their account by clicking on the link sent to them via email, as only a verified Member can redeem Cocoa Beans. Unverified Members can still earn Cocoa Beans via the App or the Max Brenner Australia Website but cannot redeem perks or Cocoa Beans (Loyalty Points) until verified. 

Individuals under 18 years old must have parental/guardian approval to register for the Program and the parent/guardian of the individual must read and consent to these Terms and Conditions. Max Brenner Australia may require parents/guardians to enter into a further agreement as evidence of consent to the minor registering for the Program. 

Verified Members must authenticate their device each time they sign into their Account (defined below) on a new device. 

Upon verification of a Member, a Max Brenner Loyalty Program account (Account) will be created for the Member. Verified Members will be able to activate the App which will enable them to accrue and redeem Cocoa Beans via the App or the Max Brenner Australia Website. 

There is a strict limit of one (1) registered Account per member/person. Each Account requires an independent email address and mobile number. The mobile number needs to be verified. Members are not permitted to share an Account or barcodes for Program offers. 

Members are responsible for ensuring that their details are correct at all times. 

Max Brenner Australia reserves the right to communicate with its members, who have opted in to receive marketing material, to inform them of any upcoming marketing activities/promotions and/or offers. 

Cocoa Beans (Loyalty Points) 

Unless otherwise advised by Max Brenner Australia, 10 Cocoa Beans will be awarded to a Member’s Account for each dollar they spend on full priced items with Max Brenner, discounted or special-priced items (excluding centre staff discounts, staff discounts, emergency services discounts, or coffee purchases for which a loyalty stamp is accrued as part of our ‘Buy 4 get one free’ member coffee offer) and meal bundle purchases (excluding charity items, complimentary items and gift cards), where payment is made by the Member either via an online order placed on the App or the Max Brenner Australia Online Ordering Platform, or the member barcode is scanned in a Max Brenner Cafe in Australia before the transaction is finalised on the App or the Card. The spend amount per item will be rounded up to the next whole dollar amount. For example: an eligible item with a value of $12.95 will accrue 13 Cocoa Beans (Loyalty Points), an eligible item with a value of $21.00 will accrue 21 Cocoa Beans (Loyalty Points) and an eligible item with a value of $25.05 will accrue 26 Cocoa Beans (Loyalty Points). 

Gift cards will not accrue Cocoa Beans, however, all other eligible items in the transaction will accrue Cocoa Beans. In such cases, Cocoa Beans will not be awarded for the entire transaction, but only those parts of the transaction that are eligible to earn Cocoa Beans (except centre staff, staff and emergency services discounts which will not earn Cocoa Beans on the entire transaction).  

Once a member accrues 1000 Cocoa Beans, the Cocoa Beans will be deducted from the member’s balance and a coupon for $10.00 will be credited to the member’s account. This Loyalty Coupon can be used at any Max Brenner store in Australia,  and will be valid for 3 months from the time it is issued.  

Loyalty Coupons are redeemed by presenting a Member barcode associated with a verified Account, and a coupon barcode which can be found on the Offers page of the Max Brenner Loyalty App. When a Loyalty Coupon is used to purchase coffee Items, the member will not accrue a stamp as part of our ‘Buy 4 get one free’ member coffee offer. Loyalty Coupons cannot be used to purchase Gift Cards. Loyalty Coupons must be used in full in one transaction. Only one coupon can be used in any transaction. For coupon redemptions made in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, alternative payment methods must be used for purchase of other items not covered by the coupon redemption (e.g. credit or debit card). 

Members cannot claim Cocoa Beans from past transactions/receipts. 

Cocoa Beans and Loyalty Coupons cannot be exchanged for cash and are not transferrable. 

Cocoa Beans cannot be used to pay for an order or to discount the price of an order. 

Where redeeming coupons or vouchers issued by Max Brenner, verified Members cannot pay for the coupon or voucher transaction using Cocoa Beans. 

Further conditions that apply to making redemptions may be posted on the Website from time to time. 

Max Brenner Australia reserves the right to change the terms and conditions or membership benefits where necessary at any time without prior notice. 

Birthday Vouchers 

Members are entitled to receive the following, which are subject to the further individual terms and conditions of each offer listed in the App or the offer email sent to the Member: 

One (1) Free Regular Classic Hot Chocolate (Birthday Offer) during the month of their birthday, where the Member has transacted within 6 months prior to the start of their birthday month, verified their Account and entered their date of birth within their Member profile in the Account (Eligible Members). 

Eligible Members will be able to see the promotion barcode for the Birthday voucher on the 1st day of their birthday month (e.g. if an Eligible Member’s birthday is the 6th or the 29th of September, they will be able to view Birthday voucher on the 1st of September and will have 31 days to redeem the Birthday voucher. The barcode will be valid for 31 days from the 1st day of their birthday month and cannot be redeemed outside of this period, regardless of any circumstances beyond the eligible member’s control (including public holidays or restaurant closures). The Birthday voucher cannot be redeemed in the same transaction together with any other voucher.  

A verified Card or App and photo identification must be presented by the eligible member to confirm their identity and birth date registered on their Account. Max Brenner takes no responsibility for incorrectly entered birth dates. If a Member registers and joins the Program in the month of their birthday, no Birthday Offer will be provided, the Member must wait until the following year to become an eligible member and receive the Birthday Offer, if they are considered an Eligible Member at that time. If eligible, the Birthday Offer can only be redeemed once during your birth month. The complimentary Birthday Offer is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged or taken as cash. 

Buy 4, Get one Free Member Coffee Offer 

Members will find their virtual coffee card on the ‘Account’ tab on the Max Brenner App. 

Members will automatically receive a stamp on their virtual coffee card when they purchase an eligible coffee online, or instore when they have also scanned their Max Brenner App.  

After purchasing 4 coffees, the member will receive a Free Coffee Coupon. The Free Coffee Coupon can be found In the ‘Offers’ tab on the Max Brenner App, and can be redeemed in the following ways: 

  1. Scan the coupon In the App when you are purchasing an eligible coffee.  
  2. The coupon will be redeemed when a member purchases a coffee online. 

The Free Coffee Coupon Is valid for 3 months. The Free Coffee Coupon cannot be redeemed in the same transaction with any other voucher. 

This offer excludes purchases of any Hot Chocolates, Mocha, and coffee purchases through delivery partners.  

All coffees are eligible for one stamp on the virtual coffee card. More than one stamp can be awarded In a transaction. Customers may not receive both a stamp on a physical coffee card, and on the virtual coffee card for a coffee purchase. 


The Max Brenner Loyalty Program and the information contained herein is intended to provide a general overview of activities of your Max Brenner Loyalty Program account and is made available to the public for reference and informational purposes exclusively. Max Brenner has used its reasonable efforts to provide current, complete and error-free information, but makes no representations nor gives any warranty as to the currency, completeness, accuracy or correctness of any of the information contained herein. Max Brenner reserves the right to modify any information contained in this page at any time without any prior notice.