Max Brenner is creating

a new chocolate culture worldwide



Max Brenner’s innovative chocolate expertise and full sensory experience heightens the emotions that chocolate evokes in people’s minds. This in combination with elements of romance, nostalgia, youth and a provocative spirit, makes Max Brenner the ultimate destination for chocolate lovers.


Our chocolate

Love Story

Max Brenner launched in the Australian market in 2000 and currently operates 25 Chocolate bars nationally, with our 26th Chocolate bar opening soon in Northlands. Over the last 20 years we have continued to share our ever-evolving love story, with globally-recognised chocolate dessert creations such as the Chocolate Fondue for Two, Tutti Frutti Waffles and Decadent Pizzas. Alongside iconic drinks like the Suckao (a do-it-yourself hot chocolate experience), Max’s classic Hot Chocolate in the original cocoa bean shaped Hug Mug and Icy Choctails in the famed Alice Cup. Today the Max Brenner brand has a global presence, with Chocolate bars also located in the USA, Russia, Isreal and Japan.


The Max


Entering a Max Brenner chocolate bar is reminiscent of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. It’s a sensory experience that carries you away to a fantasy-like world where chocolate is experienced everywhere; In Music, in design, in aroma, in texture, and of course in the desserts.

In any of our locations you will find giant vats of churning melted chocolate ; the dessert bar where Max Brenner’s unique chocolate creations can be experienced and a Chocolate Shop filled with chunky 1kg blocks of chocolate, petite handmade pralines and colourful keepsake gift tins.


Discover Max’s

chocolate creations

Our online Chocolate Shop brings our chocolate creations into the heart and homes of all Australians. With nationwide shipping of our handmade chocolate blocks, fine pralines, caramelized pecans, custom designed utensils & colorful gift tins. Chocolate lovers bring Max home or gift the gift of chocolate to loved ones.