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Discover the Chocolate Shop and Take Max home!

“DID YOU KNOW! Each Max Brenner location has a specialty Chocolate Shop overflowing with Max’s chocolate creations!”   Huge chocolate blocks, fine pralines, caramelized pecans, custom designed utensils & colorful gift tins all awaiting tasting and gifting. Discover some of Max’s iconic chocolate creations below: Dark Theo Love the delectable combination of coffee and chocolate? Dark

The Health Benefits of Chocolate

At Max Brenner, we understand that chocolate = happiness. And while the emotional benefits that come with chocolate indulgence are undeniable— sheer bliss, eyes rolling back in your head, uncontrollable utterances of “yum” and “oh my goodness”— chocolate also has an array of health benefits. Chocolate is packed with antioxidantsFlavenoids, a disease fighting antioxidant, is